Alu Vadi

Alu Vadi
Finger Foods

Alu Vadi is a snack item prepared in Maharashtrian and Gujarati households. It is tasty and nutritious at the same time as it is made from colocasia or taro leaves, which are a rich source of dietary fibre, phosphorus, Vitamin B6, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, folate, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, Vitamin C, protein and Vitamin A. 

Ingredients: 20 medium colocasia leaves, 1 tsp ginger chilli paste, ½ tsp each of chilli and turmeric powder, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 ½ tsp seedless tamarind soaked in ¼ cup of water, 2 ½ cups of besan, 4 tbsp powdered jaggery, 1 tsp oil, salt, water, 2-3 tsp sesame seeds, 1 tsp mustard seeds, ¼ tsp hing, 1 sprig curry leaves, ¼ grated fresh coconut, 2 tbsp. chopped coriander leaves. 


 1. Extract the pulp from the soaked tamarind and set aside. 

 2. Prepare the batter by mixing the besan, ginger chilli paste, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, powdered jaggery, oil, salt and water well in a bowl. Add the tamarind pulp and stir well. Make sure the batter is thick. 

 3. Clean the colocasia leaves by rinsing them with water and wipe them dry. Remove the stalks and the central vein. 

 4. Use about 10 leaves for a roll. Place a leaf and coat it with the batter. Place another leaf upside down on the first leaf and coat it with the batter as well. Repeat the procedure for all the 10 leaves. 

 5. Roll horizontally into a roll and steam it for 20-25 minutes. Set aside for cooling. 

 6. When the rolls are warm enough to handle, cut them into circular pieces. 

 7. Next, heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds. Add sesame seeds, curry leaves and a pinch of hing and sauté. 

 8. Pour this tempering on top of the rolls. Garnish with grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves. 

Alu vadis serve as a great snack and are great fun to make. So prepare this unique and healthy snack by trying out this recipe today!