Apple And Cream Cheese Crostini

Apple And Cream Cheese Crostini

This dish is a blend of fruit and cream, which makes the dish not only healthy but also very tasty. It provides nutrition and also makes up for a great evening snack for your child. Apples are rich in antioxidants and fibre. Cheese cream has plenty of essential fats and calcium, making this a yummy and healthy delight.

Ingredients: Apple (both red and green), 150 grams cheese cream, long bread, 3-4 tbsp of chilli sauce, lemon juice, olive oil


1. Cut bread into rounds.

2. Then, take cream cheese in a bowl and add chilli sauce to it and spread it over the bread.

3. Cut the apples into semi-circle slices.

4. Add lemon juice into the cut apples.

5. Put the apples over the bread and cheese spread.

6. Sprinkle olive oil over the apple and bread.

7. Put them in an oven for 10-12 minutes in high heat. This makes the bread crisp and the apple soft.

8. Now, take them out and give them to your child after cooling them down a bit.

Let your child relish this new evening snack!