Apple,Carrot, And Dates Sandwich

Apple,Carrot, And Dates Sandwich

Want to make a unique sandwich that is healthy and tasty? Try this unique combination of dates and apples that will give this sandwich a natural sweetness.

Ingredients: 3 slices of whole wheat bread, butter, 1 cup grated carrot, 1 ½ cup thousand island dressing, 1 grated apple, ½ cup chopped dates, 1 tbsp cheese spread, 1 tbsp fresh cream, and salt.


1. Take slices of whole wheat bread and lightly apply butter on one side.

2. Mix together grated carrot with thousand island dressing.

3. Layer one slice on the buttered side with this filling. Top with the second bread with the buttered side up.

4. In a bowl mix grated apple, chopped dates, cheese spread, fresh cream, and salt. Spread this apple filling on top of the second bread.

5. Cover with the third bread slice with the buttered side under.

6. Cut into triangles and serve immediately.

You can even try this sandwich as an evening snack.