Bagel And Cream Cheese With Tomato And Cucumber

Bagel And Cream Cheese With Tomato And Cucumber

You sometimes always have a reason to avoid the most important meal of the day - breakfast, but this recipe will break the myth. It is a perfect mix of a healthy and tasty breakfast which you cannot avoid. Tomato and cucumber both are very rich in vitamins and minerals which is very good for your health.

Ingredients: 2 bagels (split in half), ½ cup cream cheese, 1 small cucumber, ½ plum tomato (cut into wedges).


1. Toast the bagel halves and spread each with the cream cheese.

2. Cut the cucumber in slices and place it over the bagel.

3. Then cut tomatoes into 4 wedges and use one on each bagel half to form a smile.

4. Add some tomato sauce, parsley mix, some pepper and red chili flex on the top of it. 

This is a delicious way to treat on lazy weekends.