Banana Milkshake

Banana Milkshake

Thinking of whipping up something delicious ? Banana milkshake is a delicious and nutritious drink that you must try. This milkshake offers the goodness of bananas, which are rich in magnesium, Vitamin B6, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, dietary fibre and potassium. Quick to prepare and delicious to the palate, banana milkshake will win your everyone's heart.

Ingredients: 3 medium sized bananas chopped, 2 cups thin coconut milk, a pinch of vanilla powder, jaggery as per taste, ¼ tsp cardamom powder. 


 1. Put all the ingredients into a blender jar and churn till you get a smooth milkshake. 

 2. Pour out into a tall glass, sprinkle cardamom powder and serve. 

Simple and quick to prepare, this milkshake can be served with breakfast. So try out this recipe today and serve this yummy and nutritious drink with meal!