Fruity- Fruit Loop Layered Cup

Fruity- Fruit Loop Layered Cup

Want to give your child a fun filled, colourful, and filling breakfast that your child can actually help you make? Try this Fruity Fruit Loops Layered Cup that is cheerful to look at and is ready in minutes! And guess what, even adults would love it.

Ingredients: 150gms fresh thick yogurt, 1 tsp honey, 50 gms fruit loops cereal.


1. Take a transparent plastic tumbler to ensure that the layers are visible from outside.

2. Take yogurt, and add honey. Mix well.

3. Pour fruit loops cereal in the tumbler and pour in the yogurt mix. Add a layer of your child’s favourite fruits, chopped and mixed.

4. Repeat the layers of fruit loops, yogurt and fruits.

5. Top with a gentle squeeze of whipped cream and garnish with a cream wafer.

This breakfast is not only a treat to the eyes but a treat for the body as well.