Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot Halwa

Beetroots are extremely nutritious and versatile when it comes to cooking. Beetroot halwa is delicious and offers all the nutritional benefits that beetroots have to offer. Beets are rich sources of sodium, potassium, dietary fibre, protein, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, Vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Ingredients: 3 cups of grated beetroot, 3 cups of whole fat milk, 6 tbsp. of sugar, 3 tbsp. ghee, 1/3 tsp cardamom powder, 15-20 cashews, 1 tbsp. golden raisins. 


 1. Take a thick bottomed pan and heat milk in it. Add the grated beetroot and stir well. 

 2. Keep the flame on low and bring the whole mixture to a boil. Keep stirring till the beetroots have cooked in the milk and the milk has reduced in volume. 

 3. Add ghee and sugar to the milk and stir till all the sugar has dissolved. 

 4. Cook on low flame and simmer the mixture. 

 5. Stir occasionally till the halwa becomes thick. 

 6. Add the cashews and raisins and cardamom powder to the halwa and stir well. 

 7. Switch off the flame and remove the halwa. 

Serve this healthy and delicious dish to your child as dessert. You can either serve this dish hot or you can chill it in the refrigerator and then serve.