Big Delightful Freckles

Big Delightful Freckles

There are a variety of simple sweet candy dishes which aren’t processed and can be prepared at home. You can make these big chocolate freckles within no time. Kids love such recipes to satisfy their sweet tooth. All you need is milk chocolate, 1 cup of 100’s & amp and 1000’s sprinkles.

The Steps Are:

1. You need to place a flat baking sheet onto a tray along with baking powder.

2. Now pour large tablespoons of melted milk chocolate onto the baking tray and add sprinkles. You can also experiment by adding other garnishing items.

3. The final step is to refrigerate the content until it gets hard. These large freckles can be utilized as a party dessert or snack.

You can even offer it to your kids as an after-meal treat. Make sure you store these freckles in a cool place. Share this recipe idea with your relatives.