Birthday Pancakes

Birthday Pancakes

You can transform normal recipes into interesting dishes by adding some amazing flavors. Birthday Pancakes can surely please any of us. They are sweet and yummy which cannot be resisted by your kid. The ingredients used are yellow cake mix, butter, sprinkles and powdered sugar. The richness of this recipe is its protein and carbohydrates content.


1. You need to take a bowl and add yellow cake mix along with sprinkles. Create a colorful batter.

2. Now ladle this batter into a skillet which must be preheated with butter.

3. Flip this batter until bubbles form on the top surface. Cook it for at least 3 minutes.

4. Now mix water and powdered sugar until it is drizzly.

5. The final step is to top the pancakes with this batter.

It is simple and basic without any complicated steps.