Bread Appam

Bread Appam

Bread appam made of Jaggery, great Nutritional and Medicinal value. A healthy alternative to sugar. Bread appam is one of the best evening snacks for kids. You would need 4 bread slices, 1/2 cup organic jaggery and 3tbsp of wheat flour. Steps

1) Cut bread slices into halves ,keep it aside .

2) Add little warm water to jaggery and stir till its completely dissolved.

3) Then add the wheatflour and whisk till there are no lumps. You can increase the jaggery amount according to taste.

4) Dip the slices of bread each for 5 seconds in this batter and shallow fry them on a chappati tawa. This yummy snacks ready is ready in 15 minutes.

A Delicious, Healthy and filling evening snack for your kids!