Bread Walnut Ice-Cream

Bread Walnut Ice-Cream

There are several dessert items which can be prepared at home. You can surprise with this interesting recipe which involves milk, cream, conrflour, milk powder, sugar substitute, bread crumbs, vanilla essence and crushed walnuts.


1. Take a bowl and add milk powder, conrflour along with 1 tbsp cold milk.

2. Take a pan and boil milk. Let it heat up and then add this milk powder-conrflour mixture with constant stirring.

3. Let the content thicken. Cook it for 5-7 minutes.

4. Keep the content to cool and to this add cream, bread crumbs, vanilla essence and sugar substitute.

5. Add this content to an aluminum vessel and keep it in the freezer for 3 hours.

6. Take it out and blend it in a mixer. Add walnuts and again pour the mixer in a vessel and refrigerate again.

Try it today! Bread Walnut Ice-Cream is rich in protein and calcium due to the presence of cream and milk.