Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

You can prepare a simple pizza dish which is easy-to-make. Treat your kids with Breakfast Pizza that doesn’t require complicated ingredients. The items used are frozen puff pastry, grated parmesan cheese, shredded mozzarella, eggs and pepperoni. This recipe is rich is protein and carbs due to the presence of cheese and eggs.


1. You need to spread a baking sheet and unfold the pastry. Pierce each of them using a fork.

2. Cover the pastry with parmesan cheese.

3. The next step is to bake the pastry at 400 degrees. Let the edges turn golden.

4. Now you need to cover the pastry using mozzarella so that a well shape is formed. Break an egg into each of the well-shaped pastry.

5. You need to now bake it till the egg whites are properly set.

Keep it for at least 12 minutes. Try out this recipe now!