Carrot Payasam

Carrot Payasam

Carrots are available in plenty during the winters and they are extremely beneficial. Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A, and also Vitamin CD,E,K, magnesium and Pottasium. Here’s a delicious recipe using carrots that you can cook.

Ingredients: 3 medium carrots chopped, ½ tsp cardamom powder, 1 cup thin coconut milk, 1 cup thick coconut milk, ¾ cup of grated jaggery, a handful of cashews and raisins, a pinch of salt, ghee and water. 


 1. Boil the carrots till they are soft. Chop and put them into a blender with about ¼ cup of water and grind into a smooth paste. 

 2. Put the grated jaggery in half a cup of water and dissolve it completely. Strain out the impurities and set aside. 

 3. Mix the carrot puree, thin coconut milk, jaggery solution and salt and heat in a pan. Do not boil the solution, just heat it. 

 4. When the solution is warm enough, then add the thick coconut milk. Stir and switch off the flame. 

 5. In another pan, heat some ghee and roast the cashews and raisins along with the cardamom powder. Roast till the cashews turn golden and the raisins swell up. 

 6. Pour this tempering into the carrot payasam and stir. 

Perfect for dessert after a heavy meal, isn’t it? Delicious and nutritious! So give it a try today!