Chatpata Chawli and Fruit Salad

Chatpata Chawli and Fruit Salad

This is an interesting salad item which is prepared using a variety of ingredients. You would enjoy the taste of this dish due to the presence of healthy items such as black grapes, lemon juice, orange segments, boiled small chawli and pomegranate. The fruits add to the vitamin and fiber content to this recipe. The other ingredients are chaat masala, chopped coriander and salt.


1. You need to take a bowl.

2. Add all the fruits along with boiled chawli.

3. To this bowl add chaat masala, coriander leaves and salt. Toss the mixture.

4. You can garnish this salad with wheat germ. This is a simple recipe idea which can be practiced at home.

You can experiment with the fruits based on your liking.