Cherry Pie Lalabars

Cherry Pie Lalabars

When it comes to trying out the unknown, kids are known to be the best people at experimenting. Give this nutrition filled goodness to your kids and see them cherish the delightful taste of this dish.

Ingredients : 1/2 cup – pecans, chopped, 1/2 cup – walnuts, chopped,1 cup – almonds, whole, 1 cup – dates, pitted, 1 cup – cherries, dried, 1/2 teaspoon – vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon – sea salt


1. Add every ingredient to a bowl. Process them and blend all the nuts together, until a thick dough like consistency is achieved.

2. Take 1 large scoop of this mix and roll into a ball in your fist. Your dish is ready to be served. You can refrigerate it for up to a week. 

 Serve this yummy delight to your kids for a power packed energy boost with all those nuts.