Chicken Ghee Roast

Chicken Ghee Roast
Main Course

It is a marvelous main course dish for non-veg lovers. Chicken Ghee Roast can be prepared at home without much hassle. The richness of chicken offers Vitamin A, protein and Vitamin B-6. Moreover, ghee is a wonderful source of carbohydrates and fat. This dish can be served either during lunch or dinner. 

Ingredients:  2 tbsp. ghee, 3 sprigs fresh curry leaves, 2 garlic cloves, ½ tbsp. crushed pepper. 

Marinate: ½ kg tender chicken boneless, 1 ½ tbsp. fresh lemon juice, 1 tbsp. chopped coriander, ¼ tsp. turmeric, 1 ½ garam masala powder, 1 ½ red chilli powder, 3 large onions, 1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste, salt. 


 1. Wash the chicken and drain off the water totally. 

 2. Take a cooking pot to add the ingredients mentioned under ‘marinate’. 

 3. Mix it well and cook on low flame until the chicken grows tender. 

 4. Let the moisture evaporate and keep it aside for 30 mins. 

 5. Take a pan to heat ghee. Add chopped curry leaves as well as garlic. Fry until the curry leaves turn crisp. 

 6. Add the chicken mixture to the pan and allow it to roast. 

 7. Sprinkle pepper powder and salt. 

 8. Fry the content until you gain a nice aroma. 

Garnish with curry leaves. Share the recipe among friends and family!