Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is a healthy and fresh recipe. The richness of veggies and chicken is the main star for the recipe. Chicken offers Vitamin A, protein, Vitamin B-12 and iron. Moreover, this recipe also includes apple which is a wonderful source of Vitamin C and potassium. This dish can be served during lunch or dinner. 

Ingredients:  ¾ lb cooked chicken meat, 2 stalks celery, ½ red bell pepper, 4-6 green olives, ¼ cup of chopped red onion, ½ whole apple, 1/3 head of iceberg head lettuce. 

Dressing: 5 Tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp plum preserves, 2 tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper. 


 1. Prepare all the salad ingredients and toss them together in a big bowl. 

 2. Now, next step is to prepare the chicken salad dressing in a small bowl. Add in mayonnaise, lemon juice and preserves. Make sure the salad dressing need not be sweet or sour. Add salt and pepper. 

 3. Finally you have to gently stir the dressing with the chicken salad ingredients. Add more salt or pepper as per your taste. 

This is an easy-to-make recipe to please. Try today!