Chicken Sausage Platter

Chicken Sausage Platter
Low Carb

A Chicken Sausage Platter is an interesting recipe. This is a healthy dish which includes numerous beneficial ingredients. Chicken sausage acts as a good source of protein, Vitamin B-12 and iron. Moreover, cabbage is also used in the dish which adds Vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin B-6. You can offer this dish during breakfast or lunch.

Ingredients:  7-8 breakfast chicken sausages, 4 tsp. butter, 1 tsp. oregano, 2 cups shredded cabbage, ½ tsp. sugar, 1 tsp. tomato sauce, 1 grated carrot, 2 apples sliced, 2-3 hard boiled eggs. 


 1. Heat the butter in a vessel and add shredded cabbage. Stir fry the content on high flame for a min. 

 2. To this add tomato sauce, sugar, pepper and salt. Turn off the heat and remove onto a plate. 

 3. Over the sautéed cabbage, arrange the grated carrot. Set it aside. 

 4. In the same vessel, you need to add a tsp of butter and add the sausages. Roast them for 2-3 mins. 

 5. Sprinkle the oregano. In the same pan, add another tsp of butter, pinch of sugar and pepper. Place the apple slices and sauté them for a few seconds. Remove onto a serving plate. 

 6. Finally, arrange the boiled egg slices on the plate. Add salt and pepper. 

Try this recipe today to surprise everyone at home!