Chole Biriyani

Chole Biriyani
Main Course

Chole biriyani is a South Indian dish. Made from chole or chickpea, this dish is as healthy as it is delicious. Chole are rich in fibre, folate, magnesium, molybdenum, iron, trypthophan and serotonin, which keep your kind healthy in mind and body. Here’s how you can prepare chole biriyani at home.

Ingredients: 2-3 tbsp oil, 1 tsp shah jeera, 4-5 green cardamoms, 2-3 black cardamom, 2 inch cinnamon,2 bay leaves, 4-5 cloves, 1 cup thinly sliced onions, ½ cup chopped tomatoes, ½ tbsp. each of finely chopped ginger and garlic, 2-3 green chillies slit, 1 cup coconut milk, ½ tsp each of turmeric and chilli powders, 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 cup dried chana, water and salt, 1 cup of basmati rice, 2-3 strands of mace, ½ cup chopped mint leaves, ½ cup chopped coriander leaves, 2 tsp ginger julienne, saffron strands soaked in a water, 2 tsp rose water. 


 1. Soak the chana in water overnight. Drain the water next morning and set aside. 

 2. Soak the basmati rice in water for about half an hour. Drain the water later and set aside. 

 3. Heat water in a pressure cooker and add the green cardamoms, black cardamom, cinnamom, bay leaf and bring it to a boil. When the water starts boiling, add the basmati rice. When it is half done, remove from flame and set aside. 

 4. To make the chana gravy, heat oil in a pan and add shah jeera, green cardamoms, black cardamoms, cinnamon, bay leaf and cloves and sauté for a minute. 

 5. Add the onions and sauté. When they turn golden, remove a small portion of the onions into a bowl and set aside. Now add the chopped ginger and garlic and slit chillies into the cooker and sauté till the ginger and garlic lose their raw smell. 

 6. Add the chopped tomatoes, cover the lid and cook till they are soft and mushy. 

 7. Add the chana and mix well with the spices. Close the lid of the cooker and pressure cook all ingredients on high flame for about 20 minutes. This is to ensure that the chana cooks well and becomes soft.

 8. Wait for the pressure to release. Remove the lid and add the coconut milk and mix well. 

 9. Now add a layer of ginger juliennes, chopped coriander and mint leaves and rice. Close the pressure cooker and dum cook the ingredients. 

 10. Sprinkle saffron and the water in which it had been soaked onto the rice before closing the lid.

 11. Remove from the cooker when it is ready. Garnish with the crispy golden onions you had set aside earlier and serve. 

Chole biriyani is ready! You can serve it with raita or salad. So make this healthy and delicious dish at home today!