Classic Burritos

Classic Burritos

Classic Burritos is a splendid recipe which would be happily savored by everyone. The main process of this dish is not that complicated. You would be needing bell pepper which is a wonderful source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6. Moreover, the presence of pinto beans add protein, calcium and iron to the recipe which is essential for your growth. 

Ingredients:  1 tbsp. olive oil, 2 cup chopped bell pepper green, 1 cup chopped onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 lb ground turkey, ¼ cup vinegar, 1 tbsp. chili powder, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp. cumin, 1 can drained solid pinto beans, 2 cup brown rice, 2 cups shredded lettuce, ½ cup cheddar cheese, 16 tortilla, ½ cup salsa. 


 1. Take a skillet and heat 1 tbsp. oil. To this add chopped peppers and onion. Cook the content for 4 mins. Now, add crushed garlic.

 2. Add ¼ cup of water, cumin and chili powder. Stir the content until the water evaporates. 

 3. Now, add 1 lb. ground turkey and continue to stir. 

 4. Take 1 can of pinto beans, rinse and crush using the side of a fork. Add the beans to the turkey and vegetable mix. 

 5. Let the content cook until the veggies grow tender. 

 6. Layer with rice, lettuce, ¼ cup meat mixture, cheese and tomatoes on a tortilla. 

 7. Roll up and grill tortilla in a hot skillet. Do not forget to seal the edges. Top it will salsa. 

Try making these burritos today!