Coconut Daiquiris

Coconut Daiquiris

Prepare a refreshing summer cool drink. This drink would be loved by all. The presence of coconut in the recipe adds to the richness of vitamins and fiber. Whenever you crave for a drink then you can quickly prepare Coconut Daiquiris.

Ingredients to make Coconut Daiquiris:

Coconut cream, ice, and fresh lime juice

Steps to make Coconut Daiquiris:

1. Take a blender and add all the ingredients. Mix it well.

2. Then divide this liquid into 4 glasses and serve it with ice.

There are other summer drinks, which can be made using a variety of fruits. You can make healthy drinks using strawberry, apple, banana, apricot, etc. You can share the recipe idea with your friends and family. Such drinks would help you stay away from soda beverages and other preserved drinks.