Colorful Rice Puff Bars

Colorful Rice Puff Bars

These Rice Puff bars can be made at home without much effort. All you need is 6 cups of Rice Bubbles, unsalted butter, marshmallows and ½ cup 100s and 1000s sprinkles.

The Steps Are:

1. You need to first grease a large baking tray with butter.

2. Chop the marshmallows and add rice bubbles and sprinkles.

3. Take a saucepan and add marshmallows along with butter. Heat the mixture until it melts.

4. The final step is to add this melted mixture to the tray and press it evenly.

Refrigerate the tray and once the solid figure is obtained, then you can cut them into different bars.

This is a good lunchbox recipe.