Complete Power Bite –Dry Fruits Barfi

Complete Power Bite –Dry Fruits Barfi

This quick power bite gives a lot of sodium, potassium and essential proteins. This sweet is a perfect companion for winter.

Ingredients: Dates-150 gm, Figs-70 gm, Raisins- 2tsb, Almonds -40 gm, Cashews- 30gm, Walnuts-35gm, Pista- 10 to 12 nuts, Desiccated coconuts-2tsb, Ghee-1tsb, White Sesame Seeds-1tsb, Rose or kewra water- 4 to 6 drops, Cardamom powder- ½ tsb


1. Take figs and raisins in a bowl and pour hot water in it. Cover the bowl for 20 minutes. After that, drain it and keep it aside.

2. Take the rest of dry fruits– almonds, cashews, walnuts, pista in grinder and make a coarse powder out of them.

3. Now take dates, figs and raisins in the same grinder and make a coarse paste.

4. Heat 1tsb of ghee in a pan and roast sesame seeds in it. When the seeds start to crackle then add coconut and stir for 2 to 3 minutes, on low flame.

5. Add figs, raisins and dates paste in the pan. Stir this paste for some time.

6. Switch off the flame, put the pan down and add cardamom powder and rose water and dry fruits powder in it. Mix it properly.

7. Divide this warm mixture into two equal parts. From this, make two rolls.

8. When the rolls completely cool down then slice it. Store it in an airtight container and keep this container in the fridge.

Serve this sweet at any time of the day. This sweet is made without sugar so feel free to eat it whenever you want. Enjoy your sweet with a glass of milk as well.