Cream Cheese Veggie Spread

Cream Cheese Veggie Spread

There are some interesting food items which can be created for young kids. The items required for its preparation are red onion, carrot, baby spinach, Neufchatel cheese, salt, pepper and mayonnaise. The presence of spinach offers calcium and several vitamins which would help in your kid’s growth.


1. You need to take the help of a food processor. Finely chop the onion and add it to a bowl Repeat the same step for baby spinach and carrot.

2. Add cheese to these veggies and stir it well.

3. The final step is to add mayonnaise and season it with salt and pepper.

Kids can be offered this cheesy spread for breakfast or during their snack time. Make sure the veggies are finely chopped before mixing it with cheese and mayo. Share this recipe with your friends who would thank you for sure!