Crispy Sausage Rolls

Crispy Sausage Rolls

Feed your kids with something which is juicy and crispy! Parents must plan a child’s diet and this dish must surely be listed. There isn’t any complicated step involved in the preparation of sausage rolls. You can switch the filling based on your requirement.

Steps to make these Rolls are:

1. You need to take a sausage and cut it into small pieces. Make sure you cut fine pieces which are cylindrical in shape.

2. Prepare processed wheat dough which isn’t that thick. You need to cover these sausage pieces with this dough.

3. Now the final step is to bake these pieces until the dough attains a golden texture.

Your kids would surely love this interesting snack which can be consumed with joy. Make sure you serve it with ketchup or any dip. Try it today to bring a smile on the little one’s face.