Crunchy Banana Paper Wafers

Crunchy Banana Paper Wafers
Finger Foods

You can prepare home-made wafers using banana as a key ingredient. This is a healthy snack item which won’t harm the body. Banana is a good source of protein. The other items used for the preparation of Banana Paper Wafers are ground black pepper, oil and salt.


1. You need to mix salt in ½ cup of water. Keep this aside.

2. Take a kadhai and add oil. Deep fry the banana slices.

3. Lower the flame and then add 2 tbsp of the above mixture. Mix it well.

4. Now you need to let the chips turn crisp. Check if they gain a light brown colour.

5. Keep the chips on a tissue paper and then add black pepper powder.

You need to let them cool and then store in containers.