Crunchy BBQ Chickpeas

Crunchy BBQ Chickpeas

These are finger foods and snack items which can be easily prepared at home. For the preparation of Crunchy BBQ Chickpeas you would require can chickpeas, EVOO and barbeque rub. The chickpeas would benefit by serving as a good source of carbs and protein.


1. You need to spread a baking sheet and add chickpeas along with EVOO and barbeque rub.

2. Bake the content at 400 degrees until it gets crunchy for about 35 minutes.

This is a proper snack item which can be savored when they are playing or watching television. This recipe is simple and does not require any hard processing technique. Homemade snacks are the best way to keep away from the harmful junk food. These recipes are healthy and nutritious.