Crunchy Golden Veg Pizza Puffs

Crunchy Golden Veg Pizza Puffs
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You can now treat delicious veg pizza puffs at home. This veg pizza puffs recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Plus, you will be using fresh vegetables which will ensure that you get fibre and protein. 

Ingredients: 300 gms of puff pastry sheets, ¼ chopped capsicum, ¼ chopped onions, ¼ grated cheese, 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce, a pinch of oregano. 


 1. Open the puff pastry sheet. Pour the pizza sauce generously around the edges. 

 2. Layer the chopped capsicum and onions and sprinkle oregano. 

 3. Top up the veggies with grated cheese. 

 4. Put this into your baking tray and place it in the microwave. Cook at 480oF for about 20 to 25 minutes till the puff pastry wraps are golden and crusty.

 Delight with this delicious snack by trying out this recipe today!