Cucumber, Celery and Capsicum Salad

Cucumber, Celery and Capsicum Salad

You can treat with a yummy salad dish which can be prepared in few minutes. The basic ingredients required are cucumber, capsicum, watermelon cubes, chopped celery and pineapple cubes. To prepare the curb basil dressing you would require curd, chopped basil, mustard, powder sugar and salt. This salad item is rich in vitamins and fiber.


1. Prepare the curd dressing by mixing low-fat curd, chopped basil, powder sugar, mustard and salt. Keep it aside.

2. Now take a separate bowl and mix all the chopped vegetables and fruits. Toss them well.

3. To this add the curd-basil dressing and sauté it well.

4. Place the content in the refrigerator and serve it chilled.

Such dishes are loved by all. The juicy flavors would surely force all to ask for more.