Delicious Banana Dosa

Delicious Banana Dosa

Parents must fulfill their kid’s food desires. There are numerous food items which can be prepared at home that are rich in nutrients. Banana Dosa is a healthy recipe that consists of starch, vitamins and fiber. Moreover, the preparation time is less. You would require readymade Dosa batter, sugar, mashed banana and butter.


1. Take a big bowl to mix the Dosa batter along with banana and sugar. Mix it well.

2. Divide the batter into 7 equal portions. Take a non-stick tava and add butter to it.

3. Drop the batter onto the tava to create a mini Dosa. Add butter on both the surfaces to cook it well until it gets brown.

4. Serve it warm with pickle or ketchup.

This is an easy recipe which is tasty, mouth-savoring and does not contain any unhealthy food item to affect the growing kid’s digestion. Make sure the Dosa mix is properly mixed without any lumps. Try this recipe today!