Delicious Cheese and Veggie Scrolls

Delicious Cheese and Veggie Scrolls

If your child is bored from the regular lunchbox dishes then surprise him with these tasty Cheese and Veggie Scrolls. This is an easy-to-make recipe which can be experimented with different vegetable fillers. The items required are flour, butter, cheddar cheese, vegemite and milk.

The Steps To Make These Are:

1. The first step is to add butter and flour in a bowl. Kneed this mixture with your fingers and then add small amounts of cheddar and parmesan cheese so that there is ¾ cheese of the total quantity in the bowl.

2. Now you need to prepare smooth dough and then add vegemite over the rectangular shaped dough.

3. Add more cheese and form the dough into a long roll figure.

4. Now you can cut this dough into eight different pieces and place it into a baking tray. You can use milk to brush these pieces before placing them in the oven.

Try this superb lunchtime item for your growing kids.