Delicious Ham Schnitzel

Delicious Ham Schnitzel
Side Dish

You can prepare a wonderful breakfast food item. This is healthy as it contains egg and ham steaks. This makes Ham Schnitzel rich in protein. Other ingredients are panko, flour, EVOO, mustard and watercress.


1. The first step is to place the flour, panko and egg in different bowls.

2. You need to now coat the ham steaks with flour, then egg and at last with panko.

3. Take a skillet and add EVOO. You have to cook the ham steaks for at least 3 minutes until the sides are fried perfectly.

4. Then you need to fry the eggs. Top the ham with mustard sauce, eggs and watercress.

Season it with salt and pepper as per your convenience. You can serve this lovely food item with orange juice. Try this recipe today!