Delicious Jam Pinwheels

Delicious Jam Pinwheels
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To treat your kids with something yummy and nutritious this is the perfect recipe. These jam pinwheels can be prepared in no time to feed your kids mini-hunger. You would require 2 sheet puffy pastry and 1 cup of mixed fruit jam.


1. The first step is to take a puffy pastry sheet and spread it on the tray.

2. Take mixed fruit jam and nicely apply it on the pastry. Roll them sheet tightly into a scroll shape and cut it into small pieces using a pizza cutter.

3. Place these pieces onto a baking tray. Make sure you pre-heat the oven so as to save time.

Bake these pieces for at least 20 minutes. Once these rolls are baked then let them cool down and later serve it to your kids. The sweet and crispy taste is worth a try. Try making them today itself.