Delicious Kabuli Channa and Soya Chapatti Rolls

Delicious Kabuli Channa and Soya Chapatti Rolls
Low Carb

Junk food is unhealthy for kids. Prepare a yummy item at home which can offer different flavors. To make this dish you would require items such as chapattis, boiled Kabuli chana and soya granules that offer high protein along with a fair share of carbohydrates.


1. The first step is to prepare soya rolls. You need to soak the soya granules in warm water.

2. Now add these soya granules, Kabuli chanas, green chilies and ginger in a blender to create a paste. Add mint and salt to this mixture.

3. Now divide this mixture into six portions and make cylindrical shapes. Heat oil in a pan and heat these rolls until they turn golden.

4. The final step is to spread the chapatti and place the soya rolls add veggies and grated cheese. Roll the chapatti and serve it.
This recipe has a blend of several items which makes it interesting and worth savoring.