Delicious Kanda Batata Poha

Delicious Kanda Batata Poha

A simple meal for breakfast or tiffin for your kid. A very healthy meal and a break from every day's chapatti or bread. This dish will charge up with a lot of energy from potatoes and poha until lunch time. Potato is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins. Poha is rich in sodium and potassium. 

Ingredients: 1 and ½ cup thick poha, 2 tbsp oil, ½ tbsp mustard seeds, 1 tbsp peanuts, 1-2 green chillies finely chopped, 5-6 curry leaves, ½ tsp turmeric powder, a pinch of asafoetida, 1 tbsp lime juice, 1/3 cup chopped onions, ½ cup of potatoes cut in cubes, ½ tsp sugar, salt to taste, 1 tbsp coriander leaves finely chopped, 1 tbsp desiccated coconut


1. Heat oil in a pan on medium flame. Fry peanuts till golden brown, keep them aside in a bowl so that they remain crunchy.

2. Add mustard seeds and let them pop. Sauté green chillies and curry leaves for a minute.

3. Add turmeric powder and hing.

4. Immediately add chopped onions, sprinkle some salt. Cook till onions get translucent and soft.

5. Mix in cubed potatoes, cover the pan and cook them till soft and easily crushable.

6. While potatoes are cooking, wash poha under running cold water. Do not rub it too much with your hands otherwise, they may break. Soak them or sprinkle some water as per your poha kind. Drain well.

7. Add soaked and drained poha (soak the poha after washing for 3-5 minutes), sugar, remaining salt and lemon juice.

8. Mix very gently without breaking, cover it and let it get heated through for 2-3 minutes.

9. Turn off the stove. You can also add a spoon of ghee to it for a sweet aroma.

Serve this dish!