Delicious Prosciutto & Egg Toast

Delicious Prosciutto & Egg Toast

You can prepare a wonderful breakfast dish for your kid. This food recipe is not complicated and involves simple ingredients. You would need ¼ cup milk, 6 eggs, bread slices, butter and prosciutto. Make sure you do not use oil for its preparation. The presence of eggs and butter makes this recipe protein rich.


1. You need to take a bowl and add milk along with 2 eggs.

2. Take the bread slices and coat them with this mixture.

3. Heat a skillet on medium flame and cook the bread slices using butter. Cook both sides for at least 5 minutes.

4. Now the final step is to plate the slices and top with prosciutto.

Fry the remaining eggs using butter and then place them over the toasts. You can even season it using salt and pepper.