Delicious Rice Cake Pizza

Delicious Rice Cake Pizza

These cute little rice cake pizzas make a great snack. This not only tastes good but also is very high in protein and vitamins. 

Ingredients: 6 rice cakes, 6 slices low-fat salami, ½ cup cheese grated, 3 beans, ½ cup pineapple pieces (drained), 2 salami sticks, 2 slices tomato.


1. Begin with a rice cake and a slice of low-fat salami, then add grated cheese on top of the salami and grill until melted.

2. Here you can be creative and use beans or capsicum as a mouth, and pineapple for the nose. With a few slices of salami sticks, you can make the eyes and sliced tomatoes for the hair. 

3. Place under the grill for a few minutes to warm up the toppings.

4. Let it cool for some time and serve it with tomato sauce.

Treat everyone with this fun Sunday evening snack!