Delicious Shrimp Popcorn

Delicious Shrimp Popcorn

There is no doubt about the fact that kids are going to love this! Popcorn is unanimously loved. But kids in particular would adore this recipe that’s a great snack or lunch. The easy to make shrimp is popular among kids because it is tasty. And mothers would love it because it’s full of nutrients, low on calories and high on minerals.


1. Whisk some mayonnaise, cornichons, mustard, salt and pepper with hot sauce. Cut shrimps half lengthwise. Now, mix in a bowl one whisked egg, water and water. In another bowl, mix flour and salt.

2. Heat a deep pan or kadhai. Check the oil temperature for frying. The shrimp should ideally sizzle on contact. Dip shrimp in egg mixture, then flour mixture and fry it till golden brown.

3. Turn every 2 minutes. Toss tomato in a bowl with spring onions and bell pepper. Season with salt. Add shrimp and serve. So when will you try it?