Delicious Strawberry Yogurt

Delicious Strawberry Yogurt

You can treat your kids with a summer time dessert using strawberries and yogurt. It is indeed a fresh and sweet recipe which can be prepared within no time. You would require sunflower seeds, raw nuts, cashew, pistachios, natural yogurt, mango, strawberries and much more.


1. You need to fry a pan and drop the raw nuts, cashews and other seeds. Dry fry them until they acquire a brown colour.

2. Chop these nuts and seeds and keep them in a bowl.

3. Cut the mango slices into small pieces along with strawberries and keep them in a separate tray.

4. Now take a glass and add fresh yogurt along with chopped fruits.

Place them in different layers. Garnish the whole content with chopped fried nuts and seeds. You can also pour honey on top to make the dessert much more tempting. Prepare this recipe today!