Delicious Veg Lollipops

Delicious Veg Lollipops
Finger Foods

It is not only a snack that would spark your taste buds but also ensure your adequate vegetable intake. Moreover, these lollipops are rich in carbohydrates, iron and calcium.

Ingredients: Finely chopped cabbage: 1 Cup, Finely Chopped Cauliflower: 1 Cup, Finely Chopped Carrot: 1/2 Cup, Finely Chopped Green Beans: 1/4 Cup, Finely Chopped Onion: 3/4 Cup, Finely Chopped Coriander: 1/2 Cup, Finely Chopped Capsicum: 1/2 Cup (Optional), Finely Chopped Beet: 1/4 Cup (Optional), Fresh / Frozen Green Peas: 1/2 Cup, All Purpose Flour: 1 Cup, Corn Flour: 1 tbsp, Small Bread Sticks: 12 -15, Ginger - Garlic - Green Chilli Paste: 1 tbsp, Salt to Taste, Oil for Frying.


1. Mix all vegetables, onion, coriander and salt. Keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

2. Dry roast all purpose flour and keep aside to cool down.

3. Squeeze out excess water from this mixture. Don't throw this water. If your mixture gets very dry, you can use this water or you can use this water in any curry or soup.

4. Add all purpose flour, corn flour and ginger -garlic- green chilli paste to this mixture. Mix well.

5. Make oval shape balls of this mixture.

6. Insert one bread stick in each ball & press well.

7. Heat oil in the pan. Deep fry these balls till golden brown.

8. Serve hot with any sauce or chutney.

You can adjust the number of vegetables according to your taste. If you don't want to serve oily food, you can bake these in the oven. You can use shredded potato as well in place of boiled mashed potatoes.