Delightful Bavarian Cheese Spread

Delightful Bavarian Cheese Spread

This is an interesting spread recipe which can be prepared at home. The presence of blue cheese makes it rich in protein, carbs and sodium. The recipe is savoring and does not require any addition effort.


1. You need to take a large bowl and mash brie cheese, butter and blue cheese. Now stir the paprika and chopped onion.

2. To this mixture stir in the beer to make the cheese mixture soft. You need to season this content with salt and pepper.

3. Refrigerate the content for at least an hour.

4. Now using an ice-cream scoop you can spread this chilled cheese mixture over toast slices.

This is a savoring recipe which would be loved by young kids. You can share this recipe with your family or friends. It is a perfect summer food recipe to treat kids.