Delightful Chinese Bhel

Delightful Chinese Bhel

Chinese Bhel can be prepared using boiled noodles, grated cabbage, beetroot, carrot, spring onions, corn flour and cochineal. There are other elements such as vinegar, Schezwan sauce, tomato ketchup, chilli sauce and chopped coriander. Corn flour and veggies offer carbs and fiber to this recipe. This is a healthy dish which would benefit our body and health.


1. Take some water and boil it. Add corn flour and mix it.

2. To this liquid add chilli sauce, soya sauce, Schezwan sauce, vinegar and food colour mix. Let the content heat up and then let it cool.

3. Take the boiled noodles and deep fry them in a kadhai until they turn golden. Keep them on a tissue paper so that excess oil is absorbed.

4. Take a bowl and add the noodles along with the sauce. Add the veggies along with coriander.

Serve immediately!