Delightful Kashi Halwa

Delightful Kashi Halwa

Ash gourd has a high content of water and is loaded with nutrients such as sodium and potassium. It helps in boosting metabolism, has anti-coagulant properties and helps in controlling bleeding. This unique recipe, originally from Karnataka, is a delightful way to start your day. 

Ingredients: One cup of deseeded and grated ash gourd, 10 to 12 cashews, a handful of raisins, half a cup of sugar, water and a pinch of saffron. 


 1. Take a thick bottomed vessel and heat ghee. Roast the cashews and raisins in it and set aside. 

 2. Add the grated ash gourd into the vessel and cook it low flame. Add a little water if the ash gourd starts to dry up. 

 3. Add sugar and mix well. Add the saffron strands and sauté, stirring often. 

 4. As the mixture thickens, add a bit of ghee and mix well. Mix the cashews and raisins.

 Serve it hot for breakfast or as a healthy snack in the evening. Try this out today!