Delightful Vegetable Omelet

Delightful Vegetable Omelet

Do you want to make a vegetable omelette which is full of nutrition? Here is a step by step recipe which would help you prepare a healthy dish. You require a protein filled diet and this dish would fulfill that requirement. The items required are eggs, tomatoes, onion and spices.

Steps are:

1. You need to break 2 eggs into a bowl, cut tomatoes, onion and add spices.

2. Stir this mixture using a spoon and drop it onto a frying pan filled with butter.

3. Let the omelette gain golden colour from both ends.

A vegetable omelette is a perfect dish for breakfast which would help to gain energy. You can serve the omelette with fruit juice. This is an easy-to-make item which does not require any complicated processing. Try your hands at this nutritious dish.