Easy-to-make Falafels

Easy-to-make Falafels

This is an interesting lunchbox dish for your little kid. It is a light and healthy recipe that can be prepared without any hassle. This savoring dish is loaded with healthy carbs and fiber.

Ingredients to make Easy-to-make Falafels:

Round rice papers, carrot, cucumber, red capsicum, pea sprouts 

Steps to make Easy-to-make Falafels:

1. You need to first mix the sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, and lime juice. Keep the mixture separately.

2. You need to dip the rice papers in warm water until they get moist. Now the next step is to add all the vegetables and other ingredients such as coriander leaves, peanuts etc.

3. Fold the paper from the bottom in a wrapped form. Place a napkin across each roll and serve it to the kids with the mixed sauce.

This is a lovely dish, which offers a good mineral and fiber content. You can try it today!