Easy-to-Make Mini Hotdogs

Easy-to-Make Mini Hotdogs

You can create a healthy meal which can be consumed to push away hunger. Mini hotdogs can be made at home using simple items. You would require bake-at-home mini rolls, grated cheese, cocktail frankfurters and tomato sauce.


1. You need to fry a pan and add water. Place the frankfurters and simmer for at least 10 minutes.

2. Simultaneously, bake the rolls for at least 5 minutes till they grow golden.

3. Cut the rolls into half and add cheese and place the frankfurter as well.

4. Serve it with salsa dip or tomato ketchup. You can add more ingredients and spices to make the hotdog yummy.

This is a simple way to treat yourself with something nutritious. You can also create a veg hotdog roll using different veggies. Try this recipe right away!