Easy-to-make Pasta Salad

Easy-to-make Pasta Salad

You can prepare this yummy dish which is a blend of nutrition and taste. The veggies make this recipe rich in vitamins and broccoli offers calcium along with fiber. The ingredients used are boiled pasta, broccoli florets, black grapes, shredded cabbage, boiled sweet corn kernels, chopped almonds, grated carrot and chopped pineapple.


1. You need to take a big bowl. Add all the mixtures and toss it well.

2. You need to refrigerate the content.

3. You can add pineapple puree and black pepper as dressing while serving.

This is an interesting salad item which would be loved by you. Use fresh veggies and fruits for making this pasta salad. You can share this recipe with your friends which would be surely appreciated.