Easy-to-make Rocky Road

Easy-to-make Rocky Road

Prepare easy sweet dishes at home which are healthy. To prepare this chewy chocolaty dish you would require milk chocolate, almonds, mini marshmallows, chopped dried apricots, and Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles. This one tasty chocolate bar which is loaded with minerals that keep you energized.


1. The first step is to prepare a cake pan. Line the base and sides using a baking paper.

2. Take a bowl and mix melted milk chocolate along with 80 g of copha. Keep this bowl over a pan of simmering water.

3. Now remove the heat and add the other ingredients- chopped apricot, almonds, and rice bubbles.

4. Add the mixture to the cake pan and then add colorful sweet sprinkles. Refrigerate the pan. You can cut squares out of this pan shaped sweet dish to serve your kid.

This is a simple recipe which can be prepared within no time. Try this today!