Eggless Banana Mousse

Eggless Banana Mousse

Looking for an interesting banana recipe? Eggless banana mousse is a yummy dessert that you can prepare at home with ease. The recipe uses bananas, which are rich in potassium, dietary fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, Vitamin B6 and magnesium. Prepare this delicious treat at home.

Ingredients: 3 large bananas, 2 tablespoons honey, a cup of fresh cream, 3-4 drops of lime juice. 


 1. Chop the bananas and blend them into a smooth puree with honey and lime juice. 

 2. Add a cup of fresh cream into the blender and mix again to get a smooth mixture, which is free of lumps. 

 3. Pour out the mousse into small bowls and refrigerate overnight so that it can set well. 

 4. Garnish with grated chocolate or a few banana slices. 

 Quick and easy, isn’t it? This simple recipe is a must try. So go ahead and start prepping for your mousse right now!