Eggless French Toast

Eggless French Toast

You can easily make French toasts at home, even if you are a vegetarian or if you are allergic to eggs. Surprised? Don’t be! Here’s a recipe using brown bread, which will help you make French toasts at home without eggs. Brown bread is rich in sodium, potassium, protein, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B6 and magnesium and is very healthy. 

Ingredients: 4-5 slices of brown bread, half a cup of milk, 2 tbsp custard powder, 2 tbsp sugar, ¼ tsp vanilla essence, 4-5 tsp salted butter, 2 tbsp corn starch. 


 1. Take a bowl and mix custard powder, sugar, vanilla essence, corn starch and half a cup of milk. Mix well till the sugar dissolves and you have a smooth paste with you. 

 2. Melt the butter on a pan. Dip a slice of bread in the mix prepared using custard powder and coat it well on all sides. 

 3. Place it on the pan and fry till all sides are crispy and golden. 

Your eggless French toasts are ready! So do not worry if you don't like eggs or allergic to eggs. With this recipe, you can enjoy homemade eggless French toasts every day. So what are you waiting for? Go on and try it out!